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Regulatory Screening: False Positives and Their Customer Experience Impact
News  |  4/30/2014  | 
False positives in AML and sanctions screening cause headaches for bank customers, and banks can take simple steps to fix it.
Utilizing Complaints to Improve the Customer Experience
Commentary  |  4/29/2014  | 
These are the four levels of the complaint management maturity model .
Making the Cloud Secure for Sensitive Data
News  |  4/29/2014  | 
A new report shows that while more and more organizations are putting sensitive data in the cloud, few say that the data is being encrypted.
Target Partners With MasterCard on EMV
News  |  4/29/2014  | 
The retail chain also announced the hiring of a new CIO, Bob DeRhodes, who formerly worked with Citi and USAA.
Looking for a Long Term Fix for Heartbleed
News  |  4/28/2014  | 
Banks need to start extending some of their customer-facing security solutions and protocols to their own internal networks.
Bank Branch Numbers Going Down
News  |  4/28/2014  | 
The U.S. lost 281 branch locations during Q1 of 2014, according to research from SNL Financial.
Fiserv Sees Rapid Results From Open Solutions Acquisition
News  |  4/25/2014  | 
Availability of integrated, real-time capabilities drives deals, including Washington Federal's selection of DNA account processing solution.
Three Technologies that Cater to Mobile-only Customers
Commentary  |  4/25/2014  | 
Banks increasingly need to ind ways to differentiate their mobile offerings. Here are three ways they can do just that.
The Often Overlooked Intersection Between Reputation and Regulation
Commentary  |  4/25/2014  | 
Taking complaints seriously and responding to them is a must for financial institutions.
Report: Some Retail Firms Still Don't Recognize Cyber Security Risks
News  |  4/24/2014  | 
Nearly 10 percent of retail firms have not reported any cyber security exposure to the SEC since 2011, Willis Group says.
Downward Trend in Bank Customer Experience: Report
News  |  4/24/2014  | 
Gen Y consumers, particularly in North America, are dissatisfied with their banks.
Report: Positive Customer Experiences Decline, Raising Alarm
Commentary  |  4/24/2014  | 
Bank customers say they are getting fewer positive customer experiences, particularly Gen Y customers, according to a new Capgemini study.
The Mobile Security Journey at Wells Fargo
News  |  4/23/2014  | 
Armin Ajami, vice president and senior product manager, shares how Wells is making mobile more secure for its customers.
Time for a New Twist in the CIO-CFO Conversation
Commentary  |  4/23/2014  | 
The rapid pace of technology has changed the usual expectations.
How to Leverage Penetration Testing for Cyber Security Assessments
Commentary  |  4/22/2014  | 
With cyber security high on banks’ priority lists, penetration testing provides an avenue for finding and eliminating vulnerabilities.
Mobile Payments Growth Tapering: Report
News  |  4/22/2014  | 
The IDC Financial Insights 2014 Consumer Payments Survey polled consumers in regards to emerging payments methods.
Lessons Learned from Mobile Attacks in the Middle East
News  |  4/21/2014  | 
A recent malware attack targeting bank customers in the Middle East offers some tips on how such attacks can be prevented.
Five Ways Video Can Extend Bankers' Brains
Commentary  |  4/18/2014  | 
Here's how video can make bankers more knowledgeable and agile in their day-to-day interactions.
Ally Bank's Mobile Strategy
News  |  4/18/2014  | 
The direct bank uses the mobile channel as one of the primary ways to maintain its financial relationship with customers.
Mobility: Who Bears The Brunt Of Data Security & Privacy
Commentary  |  4/18/2014  | 
OS manufacturers, app developers, and consumers all have a role to play in smartphone data security. But not everyone is equally responsible.
Gen Y'ers Look For Mobile When Choosing Banks: Poll
News  |  4/18/2014  | 
A poll commissioned by technology vendor Bancvue and conducted by Harris Poll also finds that rewards programs are important to this demographic.
Don't Kill Communications; Establish a Plan
Commentary  |  4/17/2014  | 
Now that social media is evolving, and banks are warming up to it, they need to make it an integral part of their day-to-day business.
A Crucial Strategy for Bank Branches in 2014
Commentary  |  4/17/2014  | 
Banks can improve the in-branch and omni-channel experience using new technologies.
Recognizing the Best in Bank Technology
Commentary  |  4/17/2014  | 
Each year, Bank Systems & Technology honors the most innovative CIOs with our Elite 8 awards.
Celebrus' Granular Data Helps Build Online Strategy
News  |  4/17/2014  | 
Real-time tracking of customer click streams and interactions enables banks to test marketing campaigns with increased accuracy.
Improving Security In the Fast-Paced World of Mobile
News  |  4/16/2014  | 
Looking at the biggest threats banks face in mobile with BITS’ security expert Jim Pitts.
All Roads Lead to the Omnichannel
Commentary  |  4/16/2014  | 
How to chase the savvy banking customer through an omnichannel strategy.
Bank of China NY Signs On To Deutsche Bank’s Cross-Border Clearing Service
News  |  4/15/2014  | 
Bank of China New York will be using Deutsche Bank’s Guaranteed US Plus solution to improve price transparency of cross-border payments.
Citi's Evolving Mobile Landscape
News  |  4/15/2014  | 
The bank is constantly looking to improve its mobile offerings based on customer feedback.
UMB Bank Helps Customers Get Comfortable with Digital
News  |  4/14/2014  | 
Video conferencing and a new digital platform have helped UMB Bank encourage more customers to use digital channels while increasing revenue in the branch.
Facebook Getting Into the E-Money Game
Commentary  |  4/14/2014  | 
The social media giant has reportedly applied for a remittance license in Ireland.
Tapping Big Data Analytics to Acquire, Engage and Retain Customers
Commentary  |  4/11/2014  | 
What it takes to fully leverage data for customer acquisition, engagement and retention.
Keeping the Bank Account at the Center of Payments
News  |  4/11/2014  | 
Changing consumer behavior in payments is something banks cannot ignore.
Coupons and Offers Are Driving Mobile Commerce Behavior
News  |  4/11/2014  | 
The behavior of mobile consumers is being shaped by digital coupon programs, but many consumers aren’t aware of their banks’ coupon offerings.
Heartbleed: Making The Case For SDN
Commentary  |  4/11/2014  | 
Software-defined networking technology could help protect against vulnerabilities like Heartbleed. It's time to develop a more mature SDN option.
FIS Rolls Out New PFM-Based Mobile Solution
News  |  4/10/2014  | 
GenNOW is intended to allow banks to compete with alternative financial providers.
FDIC: Banks Should Take Advantage of Government Cyber Security Resources
News  |  4/10/2014  | 
The FDIC said today that banks need to be subscribing to government services that provide up to the minute information on new cyber threats.
Four Reasons to Simplify Before You Digitize
News  |  4/10/2014  | 
Business leaders don’t ask what technology can do for them; rather, they ask what they and technology can do together.
More Than A Half-Million Servers Exposed To Heartbleed Flaw
News  |  4/10/2014  | 
What the newly exposed SSL/TLS threat really means for enterprises and end-users.
Measuring the Benefits of A Core Replacement
News  |  4/9/2014  | 
Aite Group found that Philippine bank RCBC has seen significant cuts in operating costs thanks to its recent core conversion.
Bank 'Co-Opetition' Can Be A Good Thing
News  |  4/8/2014  | 
Banks should seek more opportunities to share services when appropriate, some say.
MasterCard Contactless Payments Tripled In Europe Last Year
News  |  4/8/2014  | 
European adoption of MasterCard contactless payments is growing and could be setting the stage for mobile payments adoption there.
Mobile RDC: Avoiding the Security Pitfalls
News  |  4/7/2014  | 
A session at NACHA Payments 2014 dealt with mitigating the security risks of remote deposit capture.
Grameen America Names New President/CEO
News  |  4/7/2014  | 
Former Avon Products chair/CEO will lead the U.S.-based microfinance organization.
Mobile Commerce: A Boon for Banks
Commentary  |  4/7/2014  | 
Banks can improve customer engagement and loyalty by adding shopping and commerce capabilities to their mobile offerings.
Leveraging Analytics to Improve Loss Forecasting
Commentary  |  4/4/2014  | 
There are repercussions to future funding when loan losses are not accurately predicted as the banks credibility is lost.
Self-Assessing Innovation Capabilities
News  |  4/4/2014  | 
A step-by-step test to understand how your organization can become more innovative.
Companies Boosting Fraud Prevention In Wake of Data Breaches
News  |  4/4/2014  | 
The AFP’s annual payments fraud report found a significant increase in card fraud and that companies are investing more in anti-fraud measures.
Banks Must Embrace a Customer-Centric Model
Commentary  |  4/4/2014  | 
Once banks crack the code on how to deliver a better experience to customers, they will position themselves to seize phenomenal opportunities to engage with customers.
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